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Transcom Jul 27th, 2021

The incredible experience to work abroad and know other cultures - Transcom Norway

Living abroad is one of the most enriching experiences you can be a part of. Living in another country allows you to face new situations and solve problems that you wouldn't find in your home country, helping you develop and grow as a person. And that is what Transcom does! 

The Transcom site in Norway opened new positions in Malaga, Spain! The opportunities are to relocate their own Customer Representatives or hire new brave people willing to experience this challenge!

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Nathalie Wiberg, Recruitment Specialist at Transcom Norway, said that "Going abroad and working gives to people the opportunity to combine adventure with valuable experience on their CV. Of course, it can feel a little nervous to go down and start a new life in another country, but Transcom meets all the new employees at the airport and take them to the accommodation, where they can stay for free for the first 30 days. After that, we help them to find new accommodations with our relocation experts! We also help to get all the necessary documentation in place - with Transcom as a new employer, everybody can feel safe."

Málaga is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, and it has it all: sun, sea, culture, good restaurants, and many outdoor cafes. The surrounding areas are beautiful and you can quickly reach other cities due to their central location.

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"We work well together during working hours, and we are also friends in our free time. It is the perfect combination of pleasure and professionalism", said Andony Zuniga, Customer Service Representative in Transcom Malaga.

You can read more about the opportunities that Transcom offers and apply for a job on the recruitment website! (

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